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Post on 7-10--2016 01:49:53 | All posts |Read mode
I have read about the new SuperMini from the CES show(s).  I see that the player is available on the site and Penon.. when will the SuperMini be available in the USA?  

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Post on 9-2--2016 12:33:49 | All posts
Hi I would also like to know when it will be available to buy in Australia
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Post on 10-3--2016 15:27:48 | All posts
How to upload new firmware to supermini?
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Post on 10-6--2016 00:57:46 | All posts
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Post on 10-9--2016 12:11:00 | All posts
Whats up withe the firmware update for Supermini ? leads nowhere can't update. where can i get the download?
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Post on 1-5--2017 09:27:15 | All posts
I cannot find anywhere in the manual or on the website HOW THE HELL YOU UPDATE THE FIRMWARE. I have tried holding various keys down during boot, and nothing works.

@HIFIMAN - could you please post a process for updating the firmware on the SuperMini?
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Post on 1-5--2017 09:41:18 | All posts
OK - looks like it's the same process for all of the players. I had fallen prey to the whole "format any card you put in regardless of whether it's already formatted", so I had LOST the update image and had to copy it over again.

1. copy the update image to your SDCARD
2. (Power off). Power on while holding down the Home button.
3. Release the Home button after the logo shows
4. It displays that it's updating (with seriously abysmal formatting issues)
5. It only took a few seconds, then screen went black to a powered off state

MORE feedback during the process would be AWESOME!
+ a progress bar?
+ a message that tells you it successfully completed (instead of the momentary panic thinking it had bricked itself)
+ recovery mode while connected to the computer?
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